Of all the soft window shades available today, honeycomb shades (also called cellular blinds or cellular shades) are the most popular for several reasons: (1) they come in a large array of colors, (2) they can be designed to be bottom-up/top-down... so they can be raised and lowered in either direction to allow for privacy similar to that of a cafe curtain, and (3) they are private but allow light to softly filter into your room.

Get your cellular blinds motorized, cordless, with special lifting options, or with remote controls for easier and even safer operation. Available in several pleat sizes (the bigger the pleat the better the insulation). Also choose from among the single, double, or triple-celled window shades. Again, the more cells in your window shades, the better your insulation. Our cellular shades include Graber, Bali, and American Blinds brands.

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This Honeycomb Shade offers our most popular lift feature upgrade at no additional cost, and a wide selection of fabrics.
Superb energy efficiency, light filtering privacy at a great price
Superior insulation, soft feel, wide color selection and from a well-known brand name.
Superior insulation, smaller pleat for smaller windows, soft feel and from a well-known brand name.
Embossed fabric for quality long lasting shades in a best-selling color palette.
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