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Choose your color
Stack Options

           One Way Right                 One Way Left                 Split Draw
Control Options

         Wand Control     Cord Right     Cord Left
Fullness Options

Standard 1% fullness      60% Fullness (adds 55%)
Choose Top and Bottom Edge or 4 Sided Edge.

Top and Bottom of Drape only
Top, Bottom and Sides of Drape
  2" Edge Binding (Traditional)
1" Edge Binding (Contemporary)
Valance edge will be matching 1".

Do you want a liner on your drape?
No Liner Privacy Liner view prices Blackout Liner view prices
Do you want a Self Valance ?

No Valance
Self Valance

Product Constraints:

  • Valances will have matching 1" Edge Binding on top and bottom.
    Valances require a Privacy or Blackout Liner
  • Wand controls will be positioned on the lead side of the drape.
    Cord controls will be behind the drape.