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For motorized shades and blinds only.

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All valances will have a matching fabric insert.

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Railroad Fabric

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Product Constraints:

  • If your cordless shade has a width greater than 24", but less than 30", then the maximum height is 98".
  • Cordless shades have a minimum of 15" wide and 32" high.
  • When a cordless shade is railroaded , the maximum height is 62" and the maximum width is 79".
  • When a continuous cord loop shade is railroaded , the maximum height is 62" and the maximum width is 120".
  • Inside mounted roller shades will have an approximate 1" vertical "light gap" between the edge of the fabric and the window casing on side with the cord loop, and a ˝" light gap on the other side. This is because the fabric must be cut narrower than the operating mechanisms at the top. If this is not acceptable, consider: --adding drapery panels to cover the light gaps --choosing an outside mounted roller shade with at least 2 ˝" of overlap on each side --selecting a different product, such as a Honeycomb Shade which will have smaller light gaps of up to 1/4" on each side.