Qunique Window Shapes, Window Sizes, Odd-Shaped Windows

Blinds and Shades for Windows with Unique Shapes

Every window is unique - we can help you get the right window treatments, no matter the shape or size.

  • Awning window
  • Single hung window
  • Side slider window
  • Rotating window
  • Arch window
  • or other speciality shapes
  • Bay window
  • Double hung window
  • Sunroom window
  • Angled window
  • Skylight window
  • Bow window
  • Patio door
  • Jalousie window
  • Sidelight window
  • Atypical shapes
  • Casement window
  • Picture window
  • Windowscape window
  • French door window
  • Door windows

If you have one of these types of windows, please call us at 1-800-575-8016. We can custom order many styles that are not readily available on our site, fast and easy!

Awning Window Awning

Awning windows have their hinges at the top, which allows them to tilt open for ventilation. One of the few window styles that can be left open during the rain.

We Recommend: Most any outsdie mounted product will work in this type of window, depending on how the window opens.

Bay Window Bay Window

Bay windows project out past the exterior of the wall to create an alcove or a nook in your room with glass on all three sides.

We Recommend: Outside mounted will work with by windows. For inside mount, choose products with smaller headrails, such as 1" blinds, cellular shades and pleated shades.

Bow Window Bow Window

Bow windows are simply curved bay windows, which combine four or more windows to give a wide view outside. They add space by extending out past the wall.

We Recommend: Since these windows have little space to mount at the top, we recommend outside mounted products, or draperies!

Window Casement

Casement Windows open by swinging inside or outside, almost like small doors. The hinges are located on the side and are opened with a crank or lever.

We Recommend: Because some of these windows might have screens or very minimal mounting depth, we do not recommend shutters. Rather, any outside mounted product with a high raise, such as a cellular shade, would work.

Single Hung Window Single Hung Window

A single hung window is made up of two sashes—a top and a bottom. One of these sashes is fixed while the other one slides up and down to close or open the window.

We Recommend: Provided you have the right amount of depth in your window, almost any product would work in a single hung window. Be sure to check your window's depth against the mounting depth!

Double Hung Window Double Hung Window

In a double hung window, both sashes can slide vertically in the window frame to open the window from the top or bottom.

We Recommend: Since mounting depth is going to be a concern in double hung windows, it's best to choose a product with minimal depth, such as 1" blinds, which have smaller headrails. Otherwise, use an outside mount.

Patio Door Patio Door

Patio doors are sliding glass doors that open out onto a patio or balcony.

We Recommend: Vertical blinds are a fantastic window treatment for patio doors!

Side Slider Window Side Slider Window

Side-slider windows work like double hung windows turned sideways. Both sashes of glass slide left or right to open and close the window.

We Recommend: Depending on your window's depth and the product you choose, virtually anything should work in a side-slider window.

Picture Window Picture Window

A picture window has an unobstructed view, with no controls or mechanisms to get in the way. Typically large windows.

We Recommend: Vertical blinds and fabric shades such as pleated shades and cellular shades are great at preserving lovely views in wide windows.

Angled Window Angled Window

Like bay windows and bow windows, angled windows project out of the exterior of the wall, only at a sharper angle than either of those two types of windows.

We Recommend: Angled windows can be challenging. The best way to cover them is with an outside mounted product that covers the whole front of the window.

Sidelight Windows Sidelight Windows

Sidelight windows are small panes of glass that typically frame a door, allowing in light.

We Recommend: Any product that can be made in under 12", such as wood, faux wood or mini blinds. Because of the small size, these blinds will be available in tilt only.

French Door Windows French Door Windows

French doors are doors that are framed around one or more panes of glass, giving you a view through the door.

We Recommend: Shutters, wood blinds, faux wood blinds and mini blinds can all work with French doors. In the case of shutters, cut-outs can be made for door handles. Please call us to make this arrangement!