Meet Cindi from C. Creagler Design Works

Cindi is founder of C. Creagler Design Works. She has a flair for rustic treasures and creating comfortable living spaces. When she's not decorating (or stretching in) a yoga studio, you'll find her scouring antique markets for cool accent pieces and new color combinations. She's also not afraid to flex her DIY muscles to give salvaged pieces a new life.
Tips and Tricks for Flea Market Shopping
Flea markets are usually off the beaten path, so it's important to come prepared and make the most of your time. Shopping guru Cindi tells us what to pack for flea market shopping and how to spot the best booths. You'll never see the same thing twice so shop smart!
Flea Market Checklist:
  • Several forms of payment - cash, credit card, checks

  • Tape Measure

  • Notebook - with a list of what you're looking for + measurements from home

  • Camera

  • Extra shopping bag

  • Raincoat

  • Water

  • Comfortable Shoes

  • A tote bag to hold it all!

How To Shop Smart for Antiques
At flea markets and antique fairs, you have to do your homework to get the best bang for your buck. Cindi tells us how to spot real antiques, find a dealer you can trust and haggle respectfully.

How to Use Unique Flea Market Finds
Learn to shop like a designer. Cindi goes for pieces with a little bit of history and unique flair. See what caught her eye this time and get inspiration for styling your treasures at home.
Flea Market Finds You Shouldn't Pass Up!

Throw a bundle of paint brushes into a vase like flowers or hang them from hooks on the ceiling.

Antique cowbells become a quirky art piece when hung over a bed or couch.

Head to the hardware store for casters and plumbing pipes to turn two $10 doors into a barn-style entry.

A chalkboard dresser is perfect for a guest bathroom or bedroom. Label drawers to help visitors find essentials.

Tips to Selecting a Window Treatment
Whether you've moved into a new home or need to refresh your current space, window treatments truly make a room look complete. If you don't know how to choose window treatments, just ask yourself three questions:
Cindi's Style Tips for Blinds and Shades
  • What is the style of my space? (or what do I want to to be?)
    Woven wood shades are perfect for beachy or eclectic spaces. Wood blinds are ideal for traditional decor. Cellular shades are best for modern spaces.

  • How are the needs of this room different from others?
    Be sure to choose room darkening shades for bedrooms, nurseries and media rooms. Light filtering shades or blinds allow natural light to fill communal living spaces. Also consider the room's needs for privacy, and insulation.

  • Do you want the space to stand out, or blend in?
    Window coverings can be a subtle way to differentiate spaces in your home with style and light. Cindi created an warm space for family gatherings by choosing woven wood shades for the breakfast nook.

  • Notebook - with a list of what you're looking for + measurements from home.

  • Don't forget: See before you commit.
    Order free samples to see colors and patterns in person. Get your 10 free samples from American Blinds now!

Cindi's favorite window coverings:

2" Economy Wood Blinds will bring brightness to smaller spaces like kitchen and laundry room windows.

Bring back a classic look from years past with cloth tape ladders on 2" Premium Basswood Blinds.

Cindi chose the Premier Woven Wood Shades in Tatami Beige to make this breakfast nook a warm space for family gatherings.

Give your home a modern look with Prominence Roman Pleated Shades.

How To Stage Your Home To Sell
They say you have 10 seconds to make an impression on a potential buyer. Make every one count with these home staging tips.
4 Open House Prep Tips:
  • Start with a blank slate. Take special care to remove family photos, children's toys, and other visual clutter.

  • Use what you have to add color and interest back into the space. Only invest in basics like pillows, lamps and a rug that you can use in your next home.

  • Create a glow. Indirect lighting from lamps adds warmth and subtle metallics draw the eye in.

  • Pay close attention to the kitchen. Remove all appliances from the counter and make sure everything is sparkling clean. Just add in a few accessories like colorful cookbooks or pretty glasses on a tray.

How to Style a Bookcase
Bookcases aren't just for books. Use things you already have to make built-in or stand alone shelves a major style center at home. Grab a box and "go shopping" around the house. Cindi teaches us how to use special mementos, lighting and organic elements to create a unique display.
Cindi's favorite wallpaper to line bookshelves:

This subtle pattern will add interest to a minimalist bookcase design.

This pattern's depth of color will make drab built-ins pop.

Grasscloth adds natural texture that will compliment a fresh, coastal style perfectly.

The subtle texture of this pattern will give bookcases a hand-plastered look.