Dust Free Blinds & Anti Static Shades are Easy to Keep Clean!

Easiest-to-Clean Blinds and Shades

Want blinds that can actually prevent dust build-up? Get vertical blinds, roller shades, or cellular shades! With traditional horizontal blinds, dust can settle on each slat... agitating pesky allergies, or forcing you to clean your blinds often. But vertical blinds and roller shades don't have a surface to catch dust, making them virtually allergy and maintenance free!

Most cellular shades, are anti-static, and they require very little cleaning. A light sweep with your vacuum cleaner brush attachment is all that is needed to keep them dust free. Each of these products really can make a difference in your home and help fight allergens!

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Softer look than PVC options, available in luxurious, light-filtering fabrics and from our trusted house brand name.
Real wood appearance at lower cost, resists warping, excellent choice for high humidity areas and from our trusted house brand name.
Visual appearance of a drapery, great selection of colors and textures.
True wood appearance at lower cost, good for high moisture areas, unique shape for tighter closure and greater privacy and from a well-known brand name.
Superior light control in a myriad of colors and textures
Wide color selection, PVC backing available, BackStacker available and from a well-known brand name.
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