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Reduce Glare On My TV

Blinds.com Blackout Shades are the perfect solution. Lined with Mylar, a fabric that acts as a light barrier, these shades reject 100% of both visible light and UV rays. Blackout shades are popular choices for studies, media rooms, and home theaters!

If you still want to maintain an outside view, even when your shades are closed, Blinds.com offers Sheerweave® Solar Shades, which are available with different openness factors. A more open fabric allows more light and heat to penetrate through, while tighter meshes allow less light and heat. Often referred to as "sunglasses" for your windows, their ability to cut the glare makes them ideal for media rooms, studies, or any sun-facing room where sun control is desired.

When shopping for solar shades, remember: lighter colors reflect light and illuminate the interior with just the right amount of light, while darker fabrics are actually less noticeable during the day, provide a superb view to the outside and absorb light, making them more ideal for viewing computer and TV screens.

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Budget friendly custom blinds made with vinyl slats that are perfect for any window.
Low price, box brackets, optional valance and from our trusted house brand name.
Light filtering or room darkening, motorized options available and from our trusted house brand name.
Effective light blockage, easy to clean, low price and from our trusted house brand name.
Low price, crash proof cord lock, steel headrail and bottom rail, antistatic, antimicrobial polyester-baked finish and from a well-known brand name.
Top seller, look of wood at much cheaper cost, fast production, 3" crown valance, good for high moisture areas and from our trusted house brand name.
Softer look than PVC options, available in luxurious, light-filtering fabrics and from our trusted house brand name.
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