Embossed PVC vertical blinds have beautifully textured and patterned vinyl vanes, appearing like the more expensive fabric vertical blinds. But because they're vinyl, these window coverings are one of the easiest products on the market to clean and care for. Plus, they're less expensive.

Vertical window blinds are inexpensive, practical, and provide superior light control. These vertical blinds come standard with a heavy-duty track system for years of trouble-free operation. Perfect for all your windows, including sliding glass doors (sometimes called "sliders" and "sliding doors").

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Embossed PVC Verticals
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Visual appearance of a drapery, great selection of colors and textures.
Superior light control in a myriad of colors and textures
True wood appearance at lower cost, good for high moisture areas, unique shape for tighter closure and greater privacy and from a well-known brand name.
The softer S-Shape brings the look of a drapery to your patio doors and picture windows
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